In the Nursery


In the Nursery

I lulled my grandson to sleep with my two adult children at my side. (Jeffrey 3 days old)


Happy 26th Birthday to My Son




Happy 26th Birthday to my son! I have been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to think of a few sentences to describe my son and all I can do is tear up because I cannot find the words to express how I feel about him. There are no words, just love, pure and indescribable.

Jeffrey, in a week or so, you will know exactly how I feel when you look into your own son’s eyes and cradle his tiny body in your arms for the first time. 

I love you! Happy Birthday!

Photo credit: Julia L. Jones

My New Password


Let’s start with technology.  You know that famous quote from the book A Tale of Two Cities? “It was the best of times. It was the worse of times.”  Well, that quote pretty much sums up this age of technology.  We are more efficient, but less attentive.Everything moves faster, but our minds move more slowly. We no longer memorize 7 digits because they are stored in our cellphones. God forbid if we lose our cellphones or lose the data in our cellphones!  We wouldn’t be able to call our own mothers!  The least we could do is memorize our mother’s phone number.  Oh, and dad’s number, too. Oh, and our kids and grandparents… Yes, there are certain numbers you should just memorize.

Oh and don’t let me get on the subject of passwords.  I have at least 10 passwords, maybe 15! I am so afraid of folks stealing my information and identity that I make them extremely complicated like 89Cab42Crackpot500Skittlez!!!  Then I have to remember it by saying something like, “My 89 year old grandmother caught a cab on 42nd Street and the driver was a crackpot who ate 500 packs of  skittles with a z!”  Really? Do I real…ly have to go through all that because there are a few brilliant, misguided crackpots out there stealing identities? I mean if you are brilliant enough to become a hacker…why can’t you get a real job?

I had my identity stolen before. It took me months to get it straight. Months!  And then guess what? Two years later, I realized it still was not resolved.  What did I do about it?  I robbed a bank and they got locked up!

Just kidding! I just changed all my passwords again! I don’t do on-line banking and I don’t pay my bills on-line. I am an old-fashion pen, stamp, and envelope girl.

So now I have  a new password: Ifyoutrytostealmyidentitymydeceasedgreatgrandmotherwillbeinyourbedtonight

I figure if I start making passwords like that, the hackers will assume I am crazier than they are and just more on to the next person.

Well, readers be wise and be safe and have a great night!

A Special Thank You to My Hair Designer, Kondor Rodnok! Ovah! Hair


Here are a few hair photos from 2011-2014! Over the past 8 years, strangers have often stopped me and asked, “Who does your hair?” Others have said, “Your color is so vibrant!” And… I have to admit, I throw around, “thank yous…” like confetti, but I really can’t take credit for the attention my hair gets.

The attention has actually been a blessing and a curse- a curse because after a couple of my book signings, people have talked to me more about my hair than they have about my book.  Maybe I should write a hair devotional next time!

Anyway, the attention my hair gets has been a blessing because I have met some great “strangers” who are now friends and my husband of 26+ years loves it!  Well, I don’t want to keep my hair secrets to myself, esp. since they are not MY secrets. So, if you like the photos, check out OVAH Hair!  I guess I should mention that I do not relax my natural hair and I do not wear weaves; however, Kondor is the Weave King! so, if you like weaves, you should see his work!  Well, here are the pictures:


Fall Hair Cut Oct. 2012


Growing back healthy and strong ( March 22, 2014)

March 2012



25th Reunion

25th Reunion 2011


Fall 2013




Shingles with flat twist in the front 2013





Oh this was my favorite! 2013


Wedding Hair! Fall 2013


When I was a child, folks used to say, “Dag your hair is thick!” Today, I am grateful for it!



Side view 




More 3-D color!

For the past 8 years I have been a client of Kondor’s.  If you enjoyed these photos and love his work, make an appointment:

Warning: If you do not like to turn heads, go someplace else!

Ovah! Hair

Address: 721 Corkery Ln, Williamstown, NJ 08094

  • Phone:(856) 728-6824
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Winter 2014

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