One Week, One Proverb #25

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I love this post from my friend, Uzoma : )

85 Degrees

Case 25:

The child being carried on the back doesn’t know that the trek is long.


Insight/Background Story:

Pushing back the chair, my rich boss’ errant son shoots up to his feet. I suspect he doesn’t like what I’ve just said. Urging him to get a grip on himself doesn’t help either. He wears the tight expression of an angry bulldog as he hunches over my desk. “Who the heck are you to get in my way? Now listen carefully: tell those riff-raff at the reception to release the keys to that suite or else consider yourselves fired!”

A small chuckle escapes my lips. I remind myself that I’ve my orders not to let him or any of his friends lodge at the hotel again. Not even for an hour. Reclining on the softness of my leather chair, I diplomatically tell him that I can only let him in…

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