About Shawn

Shawn R. Jones grew up in New Jersey where she resides with her husband and two children. She is a writer, educator, and workshop leader. In 2001, she graduated from Rutgers-Camden, where she began her professional writing career. Her poetry has appeared in Essence, newspapersand literary journals.  Finishing Line Press published her poetry chapbook, Womb Rain, and Ambassador International published her devotional, Pictures in Glass Frames. Shawn is an instructor for her tutoring business and also a jazz choreographer. Yearly dance and writing conferences give her invaluable knowledge that she enjoys sharing with others. She has written skits for drama ministries and has taught both writing and dance workshops. She currently teaches poetry and dance workshops.  She writes daily and enjoys encouraging others with her work. She is grateful to God for her wonderful family, supportive friends, and recent accomplishments

Feel free to visit my website (www.shawnrjones.com), like my fb page  (https://www.facebook.com/srj.writer), and follow me on twitter (https://twitter.com/ShawnRJones1), and pinterest (http://pinterest.com/shawnrjones/.

52 thoughts on “About Shawn

  1. Nah, you’re missing it. I’m not talking about your award. I wrote that even before seeing it on your home page. 😉 Thanks for being a part of my 2012.

  2. Hi Shawn! Thanks for following my blog! What a treasure your writing is, which I haven’t finished reading all your posts yet, but you are inspiring. Wish I lived closer, then I would take jazz dance classes from you! 🙂 You are a remarkable, inspiring woman, and I know I will glean more from you in the days ahead.

  3. Hello Ms. Jones. Im a big fan of your blog. You motivated me to start my own blog. jefferyparks51.wordpress.com . Things have been a bit slow for me and my blog. I had the blog for a year now but not really getting the response that I expected. By you being a good blogger I just wanted to ask if you have any blogging advice for me? :-).

    Thanks! Be Blessed

    • Hi Jeffrey! Thank you so much for the follow! The more people you follow, the more you get followed. And I read somewhere that people love photos, so try to add more interesting photos on your blog. They don’t necessarily have to be pictures of you, but you want to make them interesting enough so folks will stop and think, “Hey, I think I might want to read this.”

      Oh and you definitely do not want to make your entries too long. If you do, make sure you break up the paragraphs with some pictures. Also, include other people in your blogs and also post an article from someone else’s blog on your page. Folks like that and they may even return the favor. Also, make comments on posts. Bloggers love the fact that you took a moment to leave a comment on their page. That is a big deal : )

      Many blessing to you, too!

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