Midlife Creative

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“Midlife Creative” is a term I much prefer over midlife crisis. I have never heard it used before, so I am going to assume I made it up.  I have to make sure I “google” it later, though, just in case.  I am posting for a few reasons today.  First, to see if this post publishes successfully.  Recently I had my web designer , Jim, combined my blog with my website, so I want to see how it works together when I post. Second, I miss communicating with my fellow bloggers!  Third, I wonder if there is anyone who can tell me how in the world I am supposed to make my photos smaller.  I notice WordPress has changed some things since I have been on here.  I am not the most swift when it comes to technology, which is why I have to hire people to do the more fancy stuff for me.  Fourth, or is that fifth?  Let me look back.  Oh yeah, fourth, I wanted to let you know that my husband and I have expanded our tutoring company.  Here is the website if you would like to know more about it: http://www.tailoredtutoringllc.com.  Fifth, I feel “midlife creative.”  


Now, how is “midlife creative” different from “midlife crisis.”  Ugh!  I feel like I am about to write a comparative essay, so let’s not. Let’s not do that at all.  I don’t feel like writing it, and you probably don’t feel like reading it. Let me just tell you what it means, well what I think I would like it to mean because actually…I thought it just sounded cool and uh…creative.  I feel like I should really think of something clever about now, but really, it just is not coming to me at all.  Well, let me give it a try. Just imagine me clearing my throat now. Midlife creative is that time in an artist’s life when she realizes she has over a million creative ideas.  She thinks faster than she implements, so most days she feels incomplete like something is left undone. Oh no, this is starting to sound hopeless, and that is not my intention. Um…and even though she feels unaccomplished on most days, she feels hopeful that one of those ideas will come to life on paper or canvas, across a dance floor, or through the lens of a camera.  She hopes that someday, her art, whatever it may be, finds its way to the right people and heals, changes, and inspires.

Midlife Creative. That’s where I am right now.  Where are you?

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