Please do not call it a cookie!!!

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Well, what can I say?  You know that old saying, “You win some, you lose some?” I followed this recipe and made these cookies, and my sweet tooth was not satisfied at all!  I have to admit, I did love the texture, though, and I can’t seem to stop eating them. Now, I have to warn you, I am the Sugar Queen, and these cookies just did not do it for me or my husband.  He twisted his face like I had given him some mud.  I said, “How about I get you some tea with a lot of honey?”  He thought that was a good idea. It helped a little.

Let me tell you what was great about the cookies.  They filled me up, but not in an uncomfortable sort of way.  And biting into the cookie is like biting into a cushion, just as bland too, I would imagine.  I am biting into one now, so I can describe it to you. Well, yuk!  I just hate raisins!  I put those in for my husband because he is a raisin junkie.  Let me pluck the raisins out and take another bite.  Yeah…it’s not sweet, but it is so soft that it is just down right pleasurable.  If I was not trying to satisfy my sweet tooth, I would say this was a great snack to have with tea.

But please, please…do not call it a cookie!

I think I will respectfully give this treat an 8 (out of 10), but if you insist on calling it a cookie, I will have to give it a 2.

Hey, this was kind of fun.  Maybe I will make something else this week, and blog about it.

My husband and I are going to watch The Butler, and I think I will snuggle up next to him, and eat another one of these um…oatmeal cushion treats.  Yeah, that works.  Oatmeal cushion treats…


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