For Natural Hair Beauties


This summer, my hair designer, Kondor Rodnok of Ovah! Hair ( has come up with some wonderfully creative hairstyles for my natural hair.


I styled my hair in the picture below.  However, Kondor gave me a glaze with multiple colors.  I feel like I can pretty much wear my hair in any style when I have a colorful glaze.  It’s just a fun look.


I have been natural for approximately eight years.  I have tried  a number of products.  Miss Jessie’s is my favorite:

I use their shampoo, conditioner, and Pillow Soft Curls when I wear my hair out.  I twist my hair with their Curly Meringue. I just noticed they have Jelly Soft Curls.  I think I’ll order that today.

Miss Jessie’s also has a product called Curly Pudding.  I think my mother twists her hair with it:


Below is a photo of my daughter with her new natural haircut by Kondor.  She uses Miss Jessie’s shampoo and conditioner.  She applies Rosemary Oil and let’s it air dry.


Enjoy your natural hair journey!