Natural Hair Surprise



“Uh oh” is sometimes the first sound I make after I shampoo my hair and massage a cabinet full of products through it.   Why a cabinet full?  Well, some- times after I step out of the shower and lightly pat my hair dry, I can tell it’s going to be an interesting hair day.   Most days, I just shampoo and condition it with Miss Jessie’s shampoo and conditioner and massage Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls through it.  Then there are other days, when my head resembles a field of wild flowers that a bunch of deer trampled through.  Really. Sometimes I don’t even try to style it, but if I want a certain look, I gel the edges and mousse it up until it looks like I may have had some type of style in mind.

I have been natural for about 8 years now. Natural hair grows faster than weeping willow trees. It used to take me about 3 hours to twist it, so October 2012, Kondor (my hair designer) cut it for me.  Yes, when I want a hair design…I go to Kondor, other than that, I do it myself. He colors it and keeps it healthy.  He is absolutely amazing, and if you are into weaves and wigs and all those other hair accessories, he is the man!  I, personally, can’t get into all that. I can’t wear someone else’s hair on my head. It drives me insane.  Yes, I tried it before.  When I was transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, I got a sewn in weave.  Oh my goodness, I don’t know how women do it!  I was sweating and stressing all night long.  I told my husband, “This hair must have belonged to some voodoo princess! It is tripping me out!”  He laughed, but I was serious. I had my daughter cut it out the next day. It was awful.  The stylist who put it in did a terrible job.  She really should have advertised that she did sewn in knots instead of sewn in weaves.  After that ordeal,  I just had all of my relaxed hair cut off.  I had an inch of hair left on my head, and man was I shocked when I looked in the mirror at the hair salon. There was a boy looking back at me!  Oh, and my head was flat in the back!  Who knew?

I started wearing larger earrings and make-up.  I wore coils until it got long enough for twists, and then I discovered color!  Kondor convinced me to add a few highlights after I told him that I was “conservative.”  I am really not conservative at all, but I figured if I told him that, he wouldn’t get too crazy with it. Mind you, I am a dancer and a poet, so he probably figured I wasn’t too conservative.  When he finished, he said, “Your skin is popping!”  I didn’t know what he meant.  I thought I had broke out in some pimples or something.  He quickly explained when he saw my expression.  Now, I am a  color junkie who looks forward to her skin “popping.” Kondor is great.  I love his energy!  Oh, and I just remembered, he did make a wig for me a few months ago, so I do have a hair accessory.  It is quite an attention “getter” too.  To wear that skittles colored wig, you better be famous or walk like you’re famous, so when I wear it, I just strut.




My friend, Mel Kel

She is always sharp!  I think she sleeps in fly outfits.


My younger sister.  She inspired me to go natural.


Tanya, Ms. Inspiration!

I have since convinced quite a few of my friends to go natural, and they are absolutely gorgeous!  I am not just saying that because they are my friends.  They have discovered that they are beautiful with locks, twists, afros etc…

Please check out my supportive friend’s blog: She discusses her natural hair journey, too.

Always there for me…Crystal



9 thoughts on “Natural Hair Surprise

  1. Beautiful and convincing! Your color is gorgeous and I agree with Kondor, “your skin is poppin!” This month marks my third year anniversary of sporting my natural curls. You definitely inspired me and I am so thankful that I gave up on the perms. I realize now that the beauty of wearing our naturally textured hair is that, hair that is “out-of-place”, is in fact “in-place.” LOL! Your pictures are inspiring and pretty. Thank you for sharing my blog with your readers.

    • I hair that is “out-of-place,” is in fact “in-place”- I love that!!!! I cannot believe it has been 3 years for you! Oh, and I am loving your blog! You have inspired me to eat right and workout more often. We ARE going to get together this summer, at least once. lol

      • Lol! Thanks. Yes my friend, we ARE going to get together this summer. I am not traveling like I did last summer.

  2. Wow…Did you ever find out why you would go bald? I mean was it a personal choice or did your hair fall out? I wish I had the nerve to rock a bald head. If I can ever do that, than I will know that I am fully liberated from what people think. Your facial features are gorgeous, so you can do the bald thing. I am all cheeks with a flat head in the back. lol

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