Natural Hair Continued…


Today I have to admit that I continue to touch my hair and ask myself, “Why didn’t I make this transition decades ago?  I love the tight spongy curls, pillow soft and sweet.  I say “sweet” because my hair designer uses so many colors at once that it sometimes looks like skittles and if you had to guess how it felt before touching it, you would probably say,”I bet her hair feels just like cotton candy.”

So, I guess I have made it clear that my hair texture is natural, but my color is not. I am a colorful person, so I cannot really imagine myself with brown hair with a few strands of gray.  I guess that is why some folks wear weaves and wigs.  For variety or individuality.  I have one custom wig myself and it is fun to wear, but it gets a lot of attention, so… I don’t wear it everywhere, like when I have a speaking engagement for my devotional book. At that time, I really don’t want folks focusing on my hair.  Our conversations are often intimate and private.  There is a time and place for everything.  Now if I am reading at a poetry reading or attending a dance concert, the wig comes out the closet and I even throw on a bit of make-up with it.  But most days, I look like this:



Yes…my hair really is that thick.  And although I have not had a touch up of color and glaze in awhile, I can still kind of see the skittles thing going on.  By the way, I should definitely mention that my hair designer’s name is Kondor Rodnok and I have been begging him to start a blog to show off his amazing artistry.  I am tempted to steal a few photos from his fb page so you can see how bad he is!  And I really hope he forgives me for posting these pictures because I have not seen him in about 3 weeks now, so I have been doing my own thing with my hair.  However, I promise when I go to him this week, I will post a couple photos, so you can admire his work.  For the past few weeks I have been doing my hair with Miss Jessie’s products.  Well, this is going to have to be continued again because it is well past my bedtime.  Until next time, take care!


12 thoughts on “Natural Hair Continued…

  1. Yay!! I am so glad that you finally did it! Natural looks definitely better. And yes, God knew what he was giving before He gave you those hair….YOU LOOK STUNNING!

  2. Your hair color is beautiful and looks natural on you. You are a natural beauty. June marks my three-year anniversary of my natural hair journey. I wish I’d left the chemicals alone years ago and can still recall feeling the tingling and burning of my scalp. Ouch! Great post!

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