Vinyl Dolls


Vinyl Dolls

8 thoughts on “Vinyl Dolls

  1. you and the dolls again. I like the idea of black dolls. My sis never had any when she was a kid. In other words, i never saw any when i was a kid and still haven’t. I’ll wait till i start having kids…

  2. These look beautiful! Especially the one with blue eyes! Looking at this picture reminded me of my mother telling me that she had a black doll when she was a little girl, and that was in the 1940’s. Very unusual for a white girl to have a black doll in Britain at that time. I think my mother said she chose it out of all the other dolls because it stood out to her and no-one else had one! She often mentioned how much she loved that doll, pity she didn’t still have it, it would have been nice to have seen it. But I’m sure it would not have been smart as your four ladies here, all cosy on the bed!
    Suzy 😀

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